[64x] Pwegoserver Texture Pack [1.2.5]

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The Official Pwegoserver Texture Pack [ v1.2 ]

Custom Artwork / Paintings

Picture From Pwegoserver :: By Circleight

Picture From Pwegoserver :: By Circleight

Picture From Pwegoserver :: By Circleight

BlowJoe’s consent

Notice: This HD texture pack requires the HD texture pack fixbefore you can use it.

InFormation :

This is the Official Texture pack of Pwegoserver.

It is a High Definition 64 x 64 texture pack of the Default textures customised from the ‘Traditional Beauty Pack’ by BlowJoe.

All Credit on ‘most’ textures goes to the ORIGINAL creator and NOT myself, I have only edited some textures as I will state below so that this pack is customised for use on Pwegoserver.

Why use a HD Default texture pack on Pwegoserver?

Most Staff on the server rate others and design their buildings using the Default textures, this pack is made to make everything look the same BUT be of higher quality.

What changes are there from Traditional Beauty?

The Changes I have / going to make are as follows,

– ALL Paintings / Artwork has been customised for pwegoserver

– Moon and Sun Changed (including Moon Phases)

– More changes will be made as suggestions come in.

Please come and visit us on mc.pwegoable.com or www.pwegoable.com

NOTE: This is not a REQUIRED texture pack for the server, just one customised for it.

You will need the HD patcher to run this pack smoothly

Additional Details

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: sycoinc from planetminecraft

Download [64x] Pwegoserver Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5:



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