UberJump Plugin Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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UberJump is a very small plugin but you can have a lot of fun with it. What it allows you to do is basically adding a jump boost to yourself and other players*. It has one simple command which you can manage everything with and it’s really simple to use. This is also my first approach on writing a Bukkit Plugin in Java, so it might still have some minor bugs ATM.

This plugin has been been tested to be compatible with almost any plugin on the ZenoxPvP Server. Feel free to post a comment if you have any compability issues!

Minecraft UberJump Plugin Mod Screenshots:

Minecraft UberJump Plugin Mod (1)

Minecraft UberJump Plugin Mod (2)

How it works

  1. The command:

    The only command that comes with this plugin is /uj. There are two ways to use it, either just type /uj to go with the standard settings or you can go advanced (see “The Arguments”).
    /uj can take as many arguments as you want, but it will only use the last argument that fits each of the three argument types. None of these arguments is necessary and there is no required order.

  2. The Arguments:

    The command takes four optional arguments:
    – The Player to enable UberJump for
    – The time the effect is supposed to last (with the prefix -t)
    Defaults to 60 seconds
    – The additional Jump Height (with the prefix -h)
    Defaults to 1 block
    The Explosion toggler (with the prefix -e)
    Disabled by Default. Use “enabled” and “disabled as values”.
    Example 1: /uj PeterKramer -t60 -h4
    Will let the Player ‘PeterKramer’ jump an extra four blocks high for the next 60 seconds.Example 2: /uj PeterKramer
    Will enable UberJump for the Player ‘PeterKramer’ with the default settings of the person executing the command.
    Example 3: /uj -h6
    Will let the executing Player jump an extra 6 blocks for the next 60 seconds (60 seconds is standard length).
  3. The Permission Nodes:

    With a Plugin like this on your server you will probably want to restrict the usage.
    I do not recommend changing the maximum and minimum permissions in-game!
    Node Description

    General Nodes

    uberjump.* Gives Access to everything to do with this plugin.
    uberjump.change.self Gives Access to using UberJump on yourself.
    uberjump.change.other Gives Access to using UberJump on other Players.

    Argument related Nodes

    uberjump.advanced Required to use arguments as described

    uberjump.time Required to set the time the UberJump effect lasts
    uberjump.height Required to set the height boost the UberJump effect gives.

    Restriction Nodes

    uberjump.maximum.h h = The maximum boost effect this person can give.
    h has to be between -5 and 50.
    uberjump.minimum.h h = The minimum boost effect this person can give.
    h has to be between -5 and 50.

    uberjump.explosions Enables (small) explosions when jumping at least 5 blocks high in Survival Mode.

How to install Minecraft UberJump Plugin Mod:

  • You need Minecraft Forge
  • All class files from the ZIP must go into minecraft.jar
  • Don’t forget to delete META-INF

Developer: PeterKramer

Download Minecraft UberJump Plugin Mod [1.4.7]:

UberJump Plugin Mod

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