The Incredible Hulk Mod [1.3.2]

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TNT About To Blow Up


TNT Blown Up And Survived


Kyrptonite Ore and Ingots to craft the armor

armor to put on you to be hulk


Hello everybody and welcome to my 13th mod. What the mod basically is, is REALLY REALLY Strong Armor. Guaranteed to not die (except for fall damage) I know there isn’t a lot to this mod but if we get 10 diamonds I will add more like mobs, REALLY strong tools etc. I will put it up on this page here. Yes there is my Tekkit series above just because so don’t comment why it’s up there. The ore that is added is called “Kryptonite Ore” and you get an ingot from it to craft the armor to be hulk. I’m pretty sure you would know how to craft regular armor like diamonds. It’s the same but with Kriptonite Ingots.

Notice : This mod does require modloader.

How to install:

  • You need ModLoader.
  • All class files from the ZIP must go into minecraft.jar
  • Don’t forget to delete META-INF

Additional Details:

Progress: 45% complete
Credit to: jimmytfan567 from planetminecraft


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