Minecraft Debug and Antilag Mod for Minecraft 1.5

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Minecraft Debug and Antilag Mod

Until all of them nannoyed it ,that the minecraft comes to a stop so only and a lot of my work is lost . Well there the solution onto the problem . The manner reduces the proportion of the tear and the stalling. At me before 30 % and with the manner being useful 3%.
Install: Download Minecraft Debug and extract for you “.minecraft ” folder, run Minecraft.bat and Enjoj!
Mays down how large he should be by way of the game used turning a pagefile and the size of the actual virtual memory. The manner of the ndebug is based on this. The manner of the antilag the frame defines it / second and feeds it into his good the you computer his optimal colour scheme.
The 1.0 classik work with all of the existing versions taken out. it ran with parameters like this incompletely yet.
I betray it,that my machine the mod his usage 2x stepped out of the game , and 3x was frozen off, quasi immediately after the entry.
Excuse me my bad English knowledge, but I am Hungarian!
Developer: hypotermya

Download Minecraft Debug and Antilag Mod [1.5]:

Debug and Antilag Mod

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