AutoWalls Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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Minecraft AutoWalls Mod Installation video:

Minecraft AutoWalls Mod Screenshots:

Minecraft AutoWalls Mod

Special Features

  • A configurable chance of shooting LIGHTNING ARROWS!
  • Sneaking disabled after walls fall.
  • Automatic Wall Dropping – no button needed
  • TeamChat to keep your messages private
  • Spectators can fly
  • Statistics are shown in MoTD (server list message)
  • Kits!
  • Name colors!

Arguments contained in < > are optional, arguments contained in [ ] are required
Player Commands
  • /join – joins a team
  • /leave – leaves a team
  • /playing – shows who is playing
  • /time – shows the time until the walls fall
  • /team – shows stats about your team
  • /tp [name] – teleports to a team mate or anyone if you are a spectator
  • /fly – gives spectators flight ability
  • /tc – toggles team chat
  • /tell [name] [message] – private messages a player (specs can not /tell players) – /t also works
  • /me [action] – says you do something (only shows in the specific chat channel you are in
  • /yell [message] – yells something (for priority of 20+)
  • /kit – Chooses a kit or lists the kits
Admin Commands
  • /pri [name] [amount] – gives player priority
  • /tpplayers – teleports all players to you
  • /tpspecs – teleports all spectators to you
  • /tpall – teleports everyone to you
  • /forcestart – force-starts the game (should not be overused)
  • /day – makes it day
  • /night – makes it night
  • /forcedrop – makes walls fall at any time
  • /prefix [player] [prefix] – Prefixes can be any length. You can use & for colors and magic and {pri} if you want to display the player’s priority. Ex: /prefix jkush321 &3[&4Dev &e{pri}&3]&2 will display something like: [Dev 99999]jkush321

  • A walls 1 map called “custom1” in server directory
  • A walls 2 map called “custom2” in server directory
  • The custom startup script (start.bat on windows and for everything else)
  • Your world name must be called walls in
  • Set allow-nether to false in
  • Whether you use it or not, you must have the Votifier plugin installed
  • Optional: A plugin such as Orebfuscator to prevent X-Rayers
  • Optiona but extremely highly recommended: A plugin such as NoCheat, NoCheatPlus, or AntiCheat to stop cheaters
  • Optional: A custom spawn area with things such as parkour.
  • Optional but extremely highly recommended: TagAPI and ProtocolLib
How to install Minecraft AutoWalls Mod:

  • Copy contents of zip file to server directory
  • Optional: Orebfuscator or another Anti-Xray plugin
  • NoCheatPlus or another Anti-Cheat plugin
  • Optional (HIGHLY RECCOMENDED) TagAPI to get the colored names working
  • Download The Walls – rename your map to custom1 and put it in server directory
  • Download The Walls 2 – rename your map to custom2 and put it in server directory
  • You should now have custom1 and custom2 folder
  • In your change level-name to walls
  • In your change difficulty to 1-3
  • In your change allow-nether to false
  • In your make sure allow-flight is false
  • Now it is time to run your start file. If you get no error continue, otherwise comment
  • Close your server and edit plugins/AutoWalls/config.yml with something like Notepad++
  • Set config to your liking but do not change next-map
  • Start the server and enjoy 😀

Developer: jkush321

Download Minecraft AutoWalls Mod [1.4.7]:

AutoWalls Mod

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