Zombie Apocalypse Map for Minecraft

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Minecraft Zombie Apocalypse Map

Zombie Apocalypse is an adventure map filled with zombies, explosions and more zombies. Featuring command blocks, redstone, spawners All with no mods!
The only mod you will need will be MCPatcher to fix the required Texture Pack. It requires 2 players, it has coop puzzles in 🙂
Required Texture Pack: The End is Extremely Nigh
Required fix for the Texture Pack with MCPatcher here
  • 3 different endings
  • Fast paced hack-n-slash
  • Explosions & Ambushes
  • Customized monsters
  • Custom Shops
  • A LOT of zombies!
  • Unique items
  • Unique texture pack experience
  • Custom events
  • Optional quests
  • Storyline by command blocks
  • About 1h30 of gameplay

How to Install Minecraft Zombie Apocalypse Map:

  1. Download Minecraft Zombie Apocalypse Map
  2. Type %appdata% to go to the roaming folder
  3. Open the saves folder
  4. Drag in the zip folderMap
  5. Close all windows and open Minecraft
  6. Select map and play.

Developer: Hypixel

Download Minecraft Zombie Apocalypse Map:

Zombie Apocalypse Map

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  1. ali says:

    map is for 1.6 but texture pack is for 1.4.7 or 1.5.2 ı dont want to play without texture pack

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