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Vorpal City! Nestled on a grand delta sits this magnificent site…Truely a wonder to behold! A fully detailed build, from every nook and cranny of the exterior and interiors touched. This Steampunk Victorian city was founded upon the ideals of progress, as well as the gap between rich and poor, and a how a government may manipulate both these castes. Vorpal City is split into two halves…Impossible you say? Why we believe if you can cut a simple sandvich in half you can certainly cut a city right down the middle, making a lower, and upper city!

Our Lower city holds the grand Vorpal Airship dock..Fit for docking of even the most prestigious of sky captains! However there is even more, as the industrial district of our city, Lower Vorpal hosts tenement housing and many factories. Now, the style of the lower city follows old London Victorian architecture, along with grimy traditional steampunk elements.

Now, on top of that..(Ha! See what I did there)..The Upper city of Vorpal holds many luxurious apartments, businesses, and the grand utopian center of progress (The governmental palace and public exposition). The style of the Upper city follows American late nineteenth century style architecture, along with elaborate Victorian designs.

You may be asking yourself, “This is all well and dandy but I am a gentlemen and only associate myself with the multiplayer side of minecraft.” Well then, we have the deal for yo!…In due time Vorpal City is coming to the CollidingFate RP server!. Well that concludes the short tour of Vorpal city, if you wish to know more scroll down!


The build was designed, world painter terraformed. and built by myself, with much appreciated building help from Nron and DakewlKat, in game terraforming by MinorPentatonic, and finally some more minor assistance from others.

Texture Pack&Images

Many of you may be wandering what texture pack I have used for the pictures and videos. Sadly it is a custom John Smith texture pack for personal use, and I won’t be putting it up for download. However the following texture packs look great with this build: Glimmar’s Steampunk, John Smith, and Ornate Revised.

Also, by no means are any of the pictures renderings. They are all in game footage with the Sonic Esther’s shaders mod and my own photoshop…Speaking of my own photoshop, I by no means use “dark” magic on my images and despite what some people think (You know who you are) am I not a photoshop witch and need to be burned


The lake of Vorpal lied bare to the once aquatic landscape, a scourge of a site to behold.. Trenches branched out in every which way carrying pints of water every second away from the once majestic lake. Now steam powered machines and iron scaffolding only stood in this natural graveyard. This was the beginning, the foundation if you will, the foundation for the government once so keen on progress. Nearly 100 years later this, lake has born witness to a monstrosity, a massive hulking mass of steel girders, rusted rivets, and fractals of wood and stone. Vorpal City now stands in the lake-bed, now delta of the former body of water. Some still cling to the lies express even in the architecture of the upper city, so many men keen on making progress and a name for themselves after all…The government of this city merely tells them they need a dream and hope…However others, less so fortunate in the illusion of a grand future toil in the factories and smog that never lifts from the lower city of Vorpal. And endless cycle, a cycle of life after life gone to waste to ensure the goals and success of Vorpal City as a whole.

How to Install Minecraft Vorpal City Map:

  1. Download Minecraft Vorpal City Map
  2. Type %appdata% to go to the roaming folder
  3. Open the saves folder
  4. Drag in the zip folderMap
  5. Close all windows and open Minecraft
  6. Select map and play!

Developer: salmon77

Download Minecraft Vorpal City Map:

Vorpal City Map

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