USS Midway (CV-41) Map

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The USS Midway (CV-41) is the lead ship of the Midway class of aircraft carriers. Midway was commissioned a week after the end of World War Two, and was the largest ship in the world from her commission date to 1955. She was the first US Navy ship too big to go through the Panama canal. Midway was modernised in the 1950s, and missed the Korean war. She participated in the vietnam war, then was modernized again, then returned to vietnam. She participated in Operation Frequent Wind, where the final americans were evacuated from vietnam. She served as the forward deployed carrier at Yokosuka navy base in Japan. In 1991, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, Midway participated in Operation Desert Storm.

Midway was decommissioned in 1992, after 47 years of service. In 2004, she was opened in San Diego as a museum ship. Midway is the largest museum ship in the world, and the only US aircraft carrier museum that is not an Essex Class.

I built it 1:1 with full interior.

USS Midway (CV-41) Map Screenshots:

USS Midway (CV-41) Map (2) USS Midway (CV-41) Map (3) USS Midway (CV-41) Map (4) USS Midway (CV-41) Map (5) USS Midway (CV-41) Map (1)

How to Install USS Midway (CV-41) Map:

  1. Download USS Midway (CV-41) Map
  2. On windows this can be easily done by opening up the command line, accessible by Windows+R and then typing “%appdata%/.minecraft/saves/” into the command line. (If you’re on a Mac, your save files are in: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/)
  3. This will open the saves folder where all the your worlds are stored. Once in that folder all you have to do is paste your downloaded save in
  4. Drag your downloader (after unzip) in the zip folderMap into saves folder
  5. Close all windows and open Minecraft
  6. Select map and play.

Developer: tillwill

Download USS Midway (CV-41) Map:

USS Midway (CV-41)

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