The Last of Us Map for Minecraft

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Minecraft The Last of Us Map Youtube Video:

Minecraft The Last of Us Map Screenshots:

Minecraft The Last of Us Map (2)

Minecraft The Last of Us Map (1)

Minecraft The Last of Us Map Story:

You are lost in the middle of New York two decades after a plague has killed millions. The streets are full of monsters that try to kill you. Do whatever you need to survive and find a working vehicle to leave the town.
Main challenge:
  • -Find a working vehicle.
Other challenges:
  • -Find food in abandoned buildings.
  • -Chop down a tree to get wood.
  • -Make a refuge. Must have a chest, a workbench and a furnace.
  • -Find clothing and medicine.
  • -Craft a bow and arrows.
  • -Make a map.
  • -Find a renewable food source.
  • -Tame a wolf.
  • -Use the Empire State Building’s antenna.

How to Install Minecraft The Last of Us Map:

1) Drag and drop the zipped map into your saves folder and use “unzip here”. If you don’t know how to locate your saves folder follow these tutorials for installation:
2) Drag and drop the texturepack .ZIP file into your texturepack folder.
This can be done by clicking ‘texture pack’ from the main menu of minecraft then clicking “Open texture pack folder” and draging and dropping the file in.
3) INSTALL OPTIFINE (This mod will increase your FPS)
  • -Mipmap Level: Max
  • -Mipmap Type: Linear
  • -Better Grass: Fancy/fast
  • -Custom Sky: ON
  • -Distance: Far
Let’s play:

If you do a playthrough of this map please add a link somewhere on the video back to the original trailer and/or favourite the trailer and/or put the link to the original video in the description of your playthrough (The viewers can go to this link to find out more about the map and find the download links).

Developer: smokeysamcat

Download Minecraft The Last of Us Map:

The Last of Us Map

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