The Castle City of Sunsdawn Map

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The Castle City of Sunsdawn Map is a small walled city with over 25 buildings in and around the city. Explore the map and discover it’s secrets.

There are books all over the map with a bit of back story, rumors and journals. Some of these lead to hidden places or at least hint at them. You can read them or leave them be.

If Minecraft spawns you somewhere random these coordinates will teleport you in front of the city: 300 / 71 / 507

Nether Stars

There are also 64 Nether Stars hidden across the map and if you feel like it, you can try to find them all. These are hidden in chests and other containers (furnace/hoppers), but not in item frames. If you can’t open a chest there’s probably nothing inside.*
*Minecraft FORGE apparently breaks this because chests with stairs on top can’t be opened anymore, it does work in vanilla.

The hidden maze

There is a maze hidden in the city, rumors have spread and so far it hasn’t been found. Legend has it that treasure awaits for the one who solves it, if you can find the entrance. Read journals and rumors to get clues to the entrance.

Maze entrance
The entrance to the maze is in the middle of the city, under the Polished Andesite stone, in front of the church. You need to break this block to enter.

The Castle City of Sunsdawn Map Screenshots

the-castle-city-of-sunsdawn-map-2 the-castle-city-of-sunsdawn-map-3 the-castle-city-of-sunsdawn-map-4 the-castle-city-of-sunsdawn-map-5 the-castle-city-of-sunsdawn-map-1

How to Install The Castle City of Sunsdawn Map

  1. Download The Castle City of Sunsdawn Map
  2. On windows this can be easily done by opening up the command line, accessible by Windows+R and then typing “%appdata%/.minecraft/saves/” into the command line. (If you’re on a Mac, your save files are in: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/)
  3. This will open the saves folder where all the your worlds are stored. Once in that folder all you have to do is paste your downloaded save in
  4. Drag your downloader (after unzip) in the zip folderMap into saves folder
  5. Close all windows and open Minecraft
  6. Select map and play.

Developer: Lucas66439

Download The Castle City of Sunsdawn Map

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