TerraCraft Tower Map for Minecraft

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Hello! I’m SneakySlaps and this is my first survival map. It takes place on a huge 3-level tower that extrudes from the ocean. You must complete some of the basic Minecraft tasks to move up to the proceeding levels of the tower… Along with the vanilla Minecraft experience you can complete challenges that are listed down below! This is a relatively old map that I had posted on the Minecraft forums a few months ago, but now I bring it to Planet Minecraft for everybody here to enjoy!

Minecraft TerraCraft Tower Map Screenshots:

Minecraft TerraCraft Tower Map (2)

Minecraft TerraCraft Tower Map (4)

Minecraft TerraCraft Tower Map (3)

Minecraft TerraCraft Tower Map (1)

Map Objectives:

  • 1. Build a basic shelter at ground level
  • 2.Create a mine to get started
  • 3. Make your way up one of the pillars
  • 4. Add something to one of the pillars to make it snazzy
  • 5. Kill stuff on the middle floor / light that shit up!(With torches of course)
  • 6. Build a second base of operations on the middle floor
  • 7. Mine some diamond on the roof of the middle floor
  • 8.Mine your way through the obsidian layer and reach the top
  • 9.Dance
  • 10.Get the diamond inside the lava oozing hill… (You didn’t hear this from me >.>)
  • 11.Create an iron golem at the top of each of the pillars.
  • 12. Name each of the iron golems and give them a squad name. (Post their names… I want to see them)
  • 13.Kill the iron golems.
  • 14.Make graves for the four iron golems next to or near your house.(Have signs for their names Ex: R.I.P. Alfonzo… Post pictures if you want. Be creative.)
  • 15.Find the ravine below…
  • 16. Starting from the entrances… Make your way up the spiral dungeons and get the loot!
  • 17. Build a Pumpkin and Animal farm.
  • 18. Find Three Tree Island.
  • 19. Breath in the nice air from Three Tree Island.
  • 20. Make Three Tree Island into Two Tree Island.

How to Install Minecraft TerraCraft Tower Map:

  1. Download Minecraft TerraCraft Tower Map
  2. On windows this can be easily done by opening up the command line, accessible by Windows+R and then typing “%appdata%/.minecraft/saves/” into the command line. (If you’re on a Mac, your save files are in: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/)
  3. This will open the saves folder where all the your worlds are stored. Once in that folder all you have to do is paste your downloaded save in
  4. Drag your downloader (after unzip) in the zip folderMap into saves folder
  5. Close all windows and open Minecraft
  6. Select map and play.

Developer: SneakySlaps

Download Minecraft TerraCraft Tower Map:

TerraCraft Tower Map

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