Subway Surfers Minigame Map Download for Minecraft

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Based on the popular mobile game for iOS and Android, Subway Surfers in Minecraft is a fast paced, parkour – style mini-game. No mods required (though optifine can help to reduce any lag that may occur) and lots of content to be unlocked as you progress through over 3000m of total combined track!

Minecraft Subway Surfers Minigame Map

Each track has a set amount of time for you to finish it, if you get to the end of that track before the time runs out, you progress to the next track, with increased difficulty (less time to complete). Make use of power-ups located on each course ranging from a temporary jetpack ride, a 10 second jump boost, to a time multiplier adding time to the countdown.


  • Fast paced – parkour-style gameplay!
  • Variety of powerups for you to discover in each track!
  • Countdown timer integrated into the HUD (Xp Bar) indicating how many seconds are left to complete that track!
  • Bonus content to unlock as you progress through the many tracks!
  • Over 3000m (+ Bonus tracks) of combined track for you to traverse.
  • Full tutorial section explaining the gameplay mechanics.
  • No mods required! – powered by redstone and command blocks.
  • User customization via integrated settings.
  • Multiple tracks each with a tier of difficulty, can you complete them all before the time runs out?

Texture pack is “oCd” by disco

How to Install Minecraft Subway Surfers Minigame Map:

  1. Download Minecraft Subway Surfers Minigame Map
  2. On windows this can be easily done by opening up the command line, accessible by Windows+R and then typing “%appdata%/.minecraft/saves/” into the command line. (If you’re on a Mac, your save files are in: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/)
  3. This will open the saves folder where all the your worlds are stored. Once in that folder all you have to do is paste your downloaded save in
  4. Drag your downloader (after unzip) in the zip folderMap into saves folder
  5. Close all windows and open Minecraft
  6. Select map and play.

Developer: Doxume

Download Minecraft Subway Surfers Minigame Map:

Subway Surfers Minigame Map download

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