Pokéballs & Pokétraps with only one command block Map

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Pokéballs and Pokétraps in vanilla minecraft with only one command block.
After you copied the command in a command block, you can craft pokéballs by dropping on the ground a redstone dust, a button and an iron ingot.
To make a trap, drop on ground in the place you want the trap to be a pokéball, an iron block and a redstone block. The pokétraps will get stuck all mobs passing in a redius of 2 blocks from them and they can’t run away from it unless you destroy the trap or kill them ^^

IMPORTANT: If you have reove and replace the machine in the same world, type this command in chat before activating the machine again:/kill @e[type=ArmorStand,score_pokeItm_min=-1,score_pokeItm=-1]


  • command  length: 32’713 characters 
  • total command block space:  32’767 characters
  • Time spent to make this command: about 9 hours

Pokéballs & Pokétraps with only one command block Map

Developer: TheRedEngineer

Download Pokéballs & Pokétraps:

 Pokéballs & Pokétraps command

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