Lunar Awakening Map for Minecraft

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Minecraft Lunar Awakening Map (5)

Minecraft Lunar Awakening Map (6)

Minecraft Lunar Awakening Map (2)

Minecraft Lunar Awakening Map (3)

Minecraft Lunar Awakening Map (4)

Minecraft Lunar Awakening Map (1)

If you’d like to fly around and just visually see the map itself, visit the project at
using /warp Lunar

Lunar Awakening is a map that I started December 6th, 2012 and completed on the 24th. It was a very spontaneous project that I had no desire to create, but unwillingly had a plentiful amount of ideas for. I was originally hoping to work on another project but later realized I wasn’t ready for it, nor in the mood. The ideas for this project came and sparked my interests, which I’m happy for. The map in no way displays the ideas I had 100%, and is in no way
everything that I hope for it to be, because there are some steep paths I could have taken this project in. Though I have much more dedication for my other projects that are still in the works, and so I did not want to take this project deeper than needed. I’m happy to share it now, despite those little things, and I hope that it provides some source of fun for people to enjoy.

When the human’s heart becomes controlled by whimsical desires, it will search through even the deepest of tunnels. Cold, motionless pockets of opportunities, tunneling through the void of the Specular’s mind, he travels through the unknown. Devoid of the ‘outside’ world, divided in-between, a man who has lost himself to the depths, only to discover something beyond himself. The desires to go beyond others, to place himself above the rest, the petty greeds that choke his memory have confined him to this cavern. A treacherous heart, yet this deceit performs a needed cause. To make foot on new grounds, a new life, a new lesson. To become connected once again.


  • 1)No breaking Blocks
  • 2)No placing anything(you may only place lighting torches)
  • 3)Play on Hard difficulty at all times.

Music rules:
*If you want to fully experience the map, there is a soundtrack provided with the download. There will be chests around the map telling you which track to play. Play them at the correct times. You may repeat tracks if you have played them already.*


  • 1)Collect all of Lola’s journal entries.
  • 2)Discover Pondero the super computer.
  • 3)Retrieve Pondero’s core.
  • 4)Make it to Bearolgrog’s den.
  • 5)Escape Bearolgrog.
  • 6)Turn on the Lunar Awakening Device

Optional Objectives:

  • 1)Collect glowstone dust.
  • 2)Retrieve the pig mount.
  • 3)Find Seal McSeal’s special armor set.
  • 4)Read all the journals in every house.


  • 1)Collect glowstone dust from hidden chests. These will total your highscore.
  • 2)Climb the trees! They may have some special items in hidden chests.
  • 3)Take your time preparing for every battle.

How to Install Minecraft Lunar Awakening Map:

  1. Download Minecraft Lunar Awakening Map
  2. Type %appdata% to go to the roaming folder
  3. Open the saves folder
  4. Drag in the zip folderMap
  5. Close all windows and open Minecraft
  6. Select map and play.

Developer: Circleight

Download Minecraft Lunar Awakening Map:

Lunar Awakening Map

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