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Minecraft 1.1 Download FREE

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    • Added enchantments to Bows
      • Arrows which are on fire now set entities they hit on fire.
    • New Golden Apple recipe (Uses gold nuggets instead of gold blocks)
    • 56 new language translations, including fictional ones such as Pirate
    • Slightly smoothed color transitions between biomes
    • Added beaches
    • Biomes are slightly more varied
    • Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds
    • Added Spawn Eggs to creative mode
    • Added a world type option (available types: Superflat and Default)
    • Removed collision box from Ladders
    • Sheep eat Grass, converting them to Dirt, and regain their Wool again
      • Sheep only drop 1-3 wool per shearing.
    • Fixed collision box on fence gates
    • Fence Gates can now be opened and closed with redstone
    • Walking on Crops no longer tramples them
    • Magma Cubes now drop Magma Cream
    • Leaves now have a slight chance of dropping Red Apples
    • NPC Villages now spawn treasure chests in blacksmith shops
    • Melons and Pumpkins can now grow on Dirt, instead of just on Farmland.
    • New settings in Server.properties:
      • level-type
      • spawn-npcs
      • generate-structures

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed “Sniper Duel” achievement
    • Fixed Powered Rail Non-Depowering Bug
    • Fixed Powered Rail Failure-to-Update on Placement Bug


    • Major crash bug in the loading screen for some users
    • Ice blocks spawning in non-ice biomes and in waters previously not ice

Download Minecraft 1.1 Free

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