MCPatcher HD Fix 2.3.4_02 for Minecraft 1.2.4

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Posted Image Custom Colors mod! Texture pack authors can now customize many colors in the game including swamps, lighting, and more. See Misa’s texture pack for examples.
Posted Image HD texture pack and font support.
Posted Image Custom terrain and item animations for any tile, including water, lava, and portals.
Posted Image MrMessiah’s BetterGrass mod.
Posted Image Balthichou’s RandomMobs mod.
Posted Image Ability to load other mods like ModLoader. See “Installing other Mods” for details.
Posted Image Ability to save and load mod profiles and switch between them easily. Also organize your mods by the Minecraft version they go with.

Notes and Recent Changes:

Posted Image HD Font support is temporarily removed for Minecraft 1.2.4. It will return in a future update.
Posted Image More customization options in 2.3.4. Custom sky and fog for Nether and The End. Custom text colors. Custom mycelium particle colors.
Posted Image Animate ALL the textures! Now you can apply custom animations to any texture in the game.

Basic Instructions:

  • Download the correct version of the patcher for your OS.
  • Double-click the patcher. You should see this:Posted Image
  • If you would like Better Grass (full grass texture on the sides of grass blocks next to other grass blocks), check the box next to Better Grass.
  • Click Patch. You do not need to select a texture pack at this point.
  • Start the game.
  • Click Mods and Texture Packs.
  • Click Open Texture Packs folder. If nothing happens, just go to the texturepacks folder in .minecraft instead.
  • Copy all your texture packs into that folder.
  • Enjoy switching between texture packs without repatching the game!Posted Image

Video Tutorial:

Credit goes to JKurtz87 for making this video.

Known bugs:

Some people get the following error:

Patching... could not open com/pclewis/mcpatcher/Config.class for __Base
at com.pclewis.mcpatcher.MCPatcher.applyMods(
at com.pclewis.mcpatcher.MCPatcher.patch(
at com.pclewis.mcpatcher.MainForm$10$
at Source)

I do not know what causes this bug. It affects some people but not others. As a workaround, try this

  • Download the jar version (not the exe)
  • Use WinZip, 7-zip, etc., to unpack the jar into its own folder, say mcpatcher-2.1.2.
  • In the folder, right-click and create new text file called mcpatcher.bat. Make sure you have file extensions turned on so you are creating mcpatcher.bat and not mcpatcher.bat.txt.
  • Edit the file in notepadand copy the following into it:@echo offjava com.pclewis.mcpatcher.MCPatcherpause
  • Save the file and exit.
  • The mcpatcher-2.2.0 folder should look like this:comjavassistMETA-INFresourcesmcpatcher.bat
  • Double-click mcpatcher.bat. The patcher window should appear.

Installing other Mods:

It is possible to install other mods straight from the patcher. This is a convenience feature only. The patcher only copies the mod files into minecraft.jar for you. It does not and cannot do anything to make other mods compatible with any version of the game other than the one they were written for.

  • In the main patcher window, click the Add (+) button.
  • Select the zip filecontaining the mod you wish to apply. In this example, we’ll use ModLoader.Posted Image
  • Click Ok.
  • Next a window showing the list of files that will be addedwill appear. This is mainly informational. Confirm that the right files are listed and click Ok.
  • Posted Image
  • The main patcher window should look like this now:Posted Image
  • Now we’re going to add a second mod, zombe’s mod pack. This will illustrate two important things: How to add just a subfolder from a mod and how to resolve mod conflicts.
  • Click the Add (+) button again.
  • Choose the zombe mod pack zip.Posted Image
  • The subfolder window appears again. This time there are multiple subfolders to choose from. If you blindly add everything from the zip, it will not work. Instead, select the classes folder and click Ok.Posted Image
  • Next the list of files to be added is shown. Notice this time how files are being copied from the classes folder into the root of minecraft.jar.Posted Image
  • Now we have a slight problem. Both ModLoader and zombe’s contain aaa.class. If you try to patch at this point, you will get a warning about the conflict.Posted Image
  • You can ignore this warning and patch anyway. Or you can fix it by removing aaa.class from ModLoader. Double-click ModLoader and the list of files will appear again. Select aaa.class and click the Remove (-) button. Note: Doing this does not change the original file, only the list of files that will be copied from it.
  • The file list should now look like this. Click Ok.Posted Image
  • The main patcher window should look like this:Posted Image
  • Click Patch and run the game!

Version History:

3/23 2.3.4_02 release:

  • More customization options in 2.3.4
  • Update for Minecraft 1.2.4

3/4 2.3.4_01 release:

  • Fixed default end fog color.
  • Java 5 compatibility (again).

3/2 2.3.4 release:

  • Custom animations for any texture.
  • More Custom Colors options: text, nether/the end sky.
  • Fix compatibility with water shader mod.
  • Updated to version 3.16GA of the javassist library.


Windows only:

md5sum: d52dc56d85efe5d3cd8a285a0f397f1d
All other platforms:

md5sum: 3d517bba8166958774e65b1ec19a9f9e

Source: Minecraft forum

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